You, the Envoy

You awaken on an altar. Your body is wrapped in dim light and your skin and hair are soaked with blood, the same you taste on your lips.

Around you, seven drained corpses look at you with empty eyes. Two women observe the scene from a distance; the tall one, wrapped in night-like silk, bears a gaze as sharp as steel. The short one lowers her hood to reveal short blonde hair and asks for your name.

You do not have one.

Sigh of the Abyss features a customizable protagonist with several features that can be chosen by you, starting with her name.

While she awakens as a blank slate, she will quickly come to understand her powers, personality answers and romantic preferences.

Envoy of the Abyss

You will be able to freely allocate five points among the three main skills of Sigh of the Abyss, and earn more as the story progresses.

Corporis represents strength, dexterity and resilience—complete mastery over the body. It allows the protagonist to shrug off immense damage and perform superhuman feats.

Mens is tied to Abyssal magic; as the story progresses, the protagonist will learn how to use the shadows for scrying, teleportation and more.

Dominatio, the power fully mastered by Alpheon, allows the protagonist to sift through the thoughts of others, bend or break their will to obey her command.

▪ A tailored experience

Romance and intimacy can play as big of a part as you like. 

An option in the menu will allow you to determine who will be able to initiate anything with you—if you decide your protagonist is a lesbian, Malec will never make a move on her, for example.

▪ The four humors

While the protagonist awakens as a blank slate, with perfectly balanced humors, she will quickly come to embrace her human emotions and develop a personality determined by your choices.

She could be sanguine, passionate and carefree, or phlegmatic, reflective and peaceful. The terrible events she witnessed could make her melancholic, fearful and anxious—or the opposite: she could feel choleric and embrace her impulses and aggressive tendencies.

It's up to you.

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