Sylas ▪ final character art

We are ready to reveal the final character art for Sylas!

Honest to a fault, Sylas doesn't hide her reason for sticking with you: someone is paying her handsomely to keep you out of trouble, and she could definitely use the money.  If you're not careful, she'll rope you into one of her heists—they've all been successful thus far, but her luck is bound to run out sooner or later. 

Sylas knows countless people and calls them all friends, but is not used to baring her heart.

Not yet.

▪ Demo progress

The first draft of the demo is a little over 50k words and includes several branching paths, three endings and a special scene for each love interest. The demo is a self-contained story that will let you immerse in the setting of Sigh of the Abyss and meet the characters, but won't spoil the story beats of the main game.

▪ Stay tuned for more

We'll reveal the final character art bit by bit here and on Twitter, and rework the look of the page in the future.

A Steam and Kickstarter pre-launch page will be live as well in the coming months!

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