The four humors

While tuning his lute, Alpheon confides in you; he has distanced himself from one of his lovers, a noble, after growing bored of the relationship. It was not what he expected, he says. How do you answer?

As previously revealed, you will be able to shape the main character's personality via choices related to the four humors.

Here's an early example of the system in action. 

♦️ Sanguine answers are cheerful and carefree like the wind. How could the tryst not be exciting?

♦️ Phlegmatic responses are thoughtful and introspective—in this example, the phlegmatic choice asks him to elaborate further.

♦️ Melancholic options betray feelings of anxiety and fear, and tend to cut the conversation short.

♦️ Choleric choices are impulsive and aggressive like fire. You regret asking.

Every choice will unlock its own unique exchange in the conversation. Which one would you pick?

▪ What about the other characters?

The four other prominent characters are also influenced by the four humors, and will express preferences towards a main character of a compatible personality. Marané, for example, tends towards the phlegmatic and choleric: she appreciates action guided by thoughtfulness, and despises the carefreeness of the mostly sanguine Sylas.

▪ A demo is coming

We decided to make the demo a self-contained side story that will introduce you to the characters and setting without spoiling the story beats of the full game. We hope you're looking forward to it!


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Looking forward to it indeed!! I just found the game today, very promising premise and beautifully written intro page <3 <3 <3


Thank you! Your comment made our day <3